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Simon Main

Philanthropist.  Entrepreneur.  Father.   



Philanthropist.   Entrepreneur.   Father.    Golfer.   Honorary Doctor  


“I choose to see the growth

in people, the light in people.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness.”

Dr. Simon Iyore Guobadia is a Nigerian born entrepreneur and businessman. Dr. Guobadia is the founder and CEO of Simcol Group and its affiliated companies located in several countries, spanning three continents.  


Dr. Guobadia’s core business interests are in Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, and Commodities Trading.  


His previous passion projects were in Entertainment, Music, Movies, Food & Beverage, and Hospitality. These passion projects were geared specifically toward building relationships in his adopted hometown of Atlanta, Georgia USA. 

Dr. Simon Guobadia


As a man of faith, being in service to others has been a driving force in Dr. Guobadia’s life. His work, both professionally and personally, is rooted in uplifting marginalized communities and being an advocate for those that society often pushes to the side. Although his efforts go beyond the compounds of individual organizations, two agencies he is proud and honored to work with are North Point Ministries and Hosea Helps. 


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