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As a man of faith, being in service to others has been a driving force in Dr. Guobadia’s life. His work, both professionally and personally, is rooted in uplifting marginalized communities and being an advocate for those that society often pushes to the side. Although his efforts go beyond the compounds of individual organizations, two agencies he is proud and honored to work with are North Point Ministries and Hosea Helps. 

Philanthropic Initiatives

Dr. Simon was drawn to North Point Ministries (NPM) because of their vision and dedication to creating a church for the unchurched. Since its inception in 1995, North Point Ministries has grown from one church to eight in the metro Atlanta region and has developed a far-reaching global network of nearly 100 partner churches. Through numerous programs and offerings NPM has been able to uplift thousands of people across the world. Over the years, Dr. Guobadia has become one of the ministries largest donors, with his contributions supporting ministry programs for people from all walks of life. 

Hosea Helps is an organization that’s focused on investigating and alleviating signs and symptoms of poverty. By providing at-risk families and individuals with financial resources, programs, and the support of volunteers, Hosea Helps can prevent community members from falling through the cracks. 


With over 50 years of dedicated service, Hosea Helps has been a pillar in the community and is recognized as one of the most impactful Human Service Organizations in the Southeast regions of the United States. Given the agency’s capacity to create meaningful change, Dr. Guobadia could not be prouder to support and stand with the volunteers and community that make Hosea Helps possible. 


During the 2021 holiday season, he donated 700 turkeys to their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, and became one of the season’s top donors, alongside corporations such as Publix, Kroger and the Harvey Foundation 

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